Panasonic CCTV Equipment

Mirador Engineering & Technology Pte Ltd also provides Panasonic security cameras that are compatible with high-quality technologies and many different environments.

Clear surveillance images under any environment

Record clear security footage regardless of temperature, weather, or environment. Temperature and weather conditions do not inhibit the i-Pro's ability to monitor. The i-Pro will capture clear images even at night and in locations where clarity is not ideal. Monitor a wide range of suspicious activity regardless of the situation with this camera.

A multi-purpose CCTV/Surveillance System

Although the primary purpose of the installed surveillance system is to maintain safety and comfort, the security images can be utilized to fulfil a variety of purposes. The i-Pro provides management with vital information to improve store layouts and understanding the number of visitors by integrating the Business Intelligent technology with thermal imaging and a people counter.

A Pioneering CCTV/ Surveillance System

We are in an era where high-definition, 24-hour surveillance is a commodity. The i-Pro, however, is a pioneering CCTV/ surveillance system with the newest technology. In order to protect your facility, the i-Pro integrates advanced features that include a facial-recognition system that searches for a single image out of five million images in under three seconds and an automated alarm system, among others.